En Route Alaska


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  1. Robert says:

    That was amazing! Wish I could ski like that

  2. Andy says:

    absolutely amazing, you guys are an inspiration, great cinematography as well. makes me try to be the best i can and hopefully one day i’ll be able to go to alaska and ski some pow there too :)

  3. John says:

    One of your best.

  4. Conor, Perth says:

    Well done Eric & Co.! This is Enroute is a lot of fun to watch. It’s crafted with imagery of great tonality and skill. It also has perhaps some of the best POV published to date.

    Ever nimble Nimbus. Cheers!

  5. Benni says:

    That was fantastic and pumps me up for the upcoming season, i was just wondering, do you use the gopro just out of the box, or do you have special filters, or is it the editing programm that make your GoPro shots so damn good?

    • Eric says:

      We use the Go Pro completely stock, nothing custom, straight out to the box. We did try a homemade filter on our trip in Alaska, but it didn’t work very well.

  6. Dana Andringa says:

    Eric pollard your my hero.

  7. JP says:

    Great work dudes. When are you going to put another amount of Nimbus shirts on evo.com?

  8. Nice work guys, can’t wait to see the next webisodes!

  9. MJ says:

    This one was nothing short of epic. Great song selection. I hate admitting this to myself but every time I watch you guys ski I wonder what my life had been like if I had just moved to Colorado and skied after college, instead of moving half way across the world to work in banking. Your videos have the ability to take someone sitting on Bondi beach and make them incredibly jealous of what you’re doing in the mountains! Maybe I’ll quit my job and become a ski bum next year.
    Cheers from down under!

  10. Mike Baron says:

    Eric & Co –

    A very nice piece. But I have to be honest, I miss your more “less-produced” style. I think what sets you guys apart (in my mind) is how you guys let it all hang out. I like the behind-the-scenes stuff (the non-skiing stuff). The stuff that lets the viewer really connect with you guys. For me, you’re about the life: the long drives, the sleepless nights, the epic storms, etc. Any way, keep up the great work, but stay true to the idea of why you started Nimbus: to be “Independent”. in other words, different from the TGRs of the world. I have a lot of respect for you guys as a director myself and hope that you can take my feedback with a grain of salt.



    • Eric says:

      Thanks very much for the feedback Mike. We really appreciate it. We are always refining our edits and style in an attempt to connect with other skiers. Which edits would you say were a more authentic “less-produced” representation of one of our offerings. If you will help us identify those edits than I can attempt to shape future edits in that way.

      Thanks again!

      • Mike Baron says:

        Eric&co are you planning to go shreddin to Niseko again this year, if so when, because I would like to see you live once?



      • Baron says:


        Just saw your response here. And by the way, the Mike Baron who responded with the “Niseko” comment is not me. Any way, I obviously posted this comment before seeing your new En Route clip: Cascadia. And again, that edit really is what I felt was lacking from the Alaska piece (e.g. narrative). It’s nice to know that maybe in some small way our responses influenced that latest piece. I will give some consideration to which of your earlier pieces really felt authentic, too. I appreciate your wanting to know. Any way, keep up the good work. By the way, what kind of camera set up do you use the majority of the time?


        • Eric says:

          We try to make the movies and refine the format each year for the audience. We truly take to heart what you say. Thanks so much for watching.

          We shoot a number of cameras:
          Go Pro HD
          Panasonic HVX 200
          Panasonic HPX 170
          Cannon 7D
          Cannon 5D

  11. Sam Kinney says:

    That was simply excellent!!! I love how you guys encorparate your awesome style into big mountain terrain like AK. So sick! I am actually plannig on doing the same myself this winter down in SLC and i was wondering… how did you capture such amazing POV shots? what cameras did you use? some of those shots were so epic. thanks for killing it and getting me stoked for winter!

  12. Ross J says:

    That was very well done. And the music selection, amazing again! How do you keep doing that!? I mean who would have ever thought to use Fleetwood Mac in a ski movie? Brilliant! Your iPods must be insane.

    I do agree with Mike’s comments above – it’s great to see the “background” footage of you guys in between the serious. It’s always nice to see world class skiers taking the time to cheap-shot a buddy with a snowball, sled down a street, chug beer in a German or Japanese restaurant, then barf in a urinal (ok maybe that’s a bit extreme). But it still shows that deep down you guys are just like every other die-hard skier and are very relateable and don’t take yourselves too seriously. You just happen to ski (and film) like no one else!

    Keep up the great work and don’t be afraid to occasionally dump in the silly stuff! Can’t wait for the upcoming releases!

  13. MII says:

    Hey guys, big shout out to the hole Nimbus crew.
    What you are doing is what skiing is all about. Thank`s for inspiring me and for sure tons of other riders.
    Specially the second part of the Alaska trip is amazing. Great music, action, emotions and fun to watch.

    The season is coming….. Yeeeehaaa!

    Greats from Germany!


    Markus M.

  14. aronnumithun says:

    Hi i like nimbus

  15. Jake says:

    You boys are sweet, I want to hit up some proper back country so badly after watching this stuff, I hate living in Ontario

  16. gaspard bournazeau says:

    perfect amazing eric you are my hero


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