En Route Cascadia


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  1. tronquoy remi says:

    Where is Benchetler and Fujas ? A video without the whole team is not any more one “En route ” ! Ps : i’m french sorry for the language …
    Peace !

    • Eric says:

      No problem, I understand. Fujas was injured with an ankle injury all last season, and Benchetler was filming with TGR when we were shooting Cascadia. Don’t worry, we are all going to be shooting together in January for the next movie.

      Thanks for watching.

  2. Rod Stewart says:

    Seriously with the music? come on guys I know you can do better than that…

  3. Nice work guys, another great edit! Really got my excited for this upcoming season! Praying for more snow to come hit Tahoe so I can break out the pow sticks!

  4. Robin says:

    Nice, really liked it guys. This is the way skiing should be!

  5. Baron says:

    This is one of your best pieces yet. It’s more refined, but still has some of the great narrative I expect from you guys. As for the soundtrack, it’s awesome. Love that you’re choosing some timeless cuts and proving that ski footage doesn’t have to be paired with speed metal or electronica (that’s what a good editor brings to a piece). Doesn’t hurt that I love Hall and Oates either. Any way, keep ‘em coming. I’m on the East Coast where winter hasn’t arrived yet, and my new Bacons are staring me in the face, so something gotta keep me motivated.

  6. Anthony says:

    After being out all season last year and hurting my knee again ending the coming season, this is the closest I can get to the snow until next season and that’s fine with me. I could watch these all day. Keep doing what y’all are doing, such a beautiful edit, gotta love the pnw. Much love nimbus

  7. Candoo says:

    Awesome to see you guys skiing where I have skied my entire life. Instantly one of my favorite videos you guys have made, gets me really stoked for this season. Only wish the video was longer, it’s too good.

  8. i love my bentchetlers says:

    hey this was a dope edit! my favorite so far.. i know you probably dont remember but when you guys were skiing the stevens pass segment, where exactly were you skiing those trees? i ski stevens all the time and would like to know. thanks

    • Eric says:

      I can’t remember the name of the area. Furthest looker’s left from the base area. Off of the second chair, a quick boot pack to the skier’s right, and then drop in. Andy took it all the way to the road, I took it to the parking lot.

  9. Will says:

    Although the whole crew couldn’t make it (understandable, it’s hard to ski with a busted ankle) the tree segments were amazing. I love this edit.

  10. JP says:

    Another great work from Eric, it is just amazing how you put all the things together, I just love it. The music also sounds good to me, no complaints. What I would really like to see more (and what was also desired on comments from someone to Alaska webisode) are the “behind the scene” segments. It would be nice to get some in-side look how you guys travel, live the life beside skiing…We are giving you guys full support from Europe. Continue the good work. Regards

  11. Andrey says:

    Masterpiece! So a lot snow, beautiful nature and fun!!! Music just crazy! Thank you Nimbus for inspiration! Thank you Eric for EP pro and another outstanding ski models!!!

  12. Bruno says:

    Really cool footage! I love how you always manage to capture the inner vibe of a day of powder.
    No snow in Europe yet (that I know of), but it’s these type of movies that make the anticipation so much bigger & sweeter.
    I’m a sucker for the classics for the soundtrack as well. Adds a timeless dimension to it and it’s just a totally different approach than the rest out there.
    Just keep doing your own thing guys!

  13. Gil says:

    Cascadia was great. The camera work, the timing, the narrative, and of course some outrages skiing comes together to make this film a joy to watch. I can’t wait for the next “En Route”. By the way, I thought the music was great. Keep it up, and I going to keep watching.

  14. Tameron says:

    I really like the last video but it felt not like nimbus because it was just skiing and no commentary. However, it was really good footage and I enjoyed it. The second felt like the old nimbus and I love your music choices lately with old school rock (from enroute approach and Alaska) and the eighties rock. I pump Eddie Murphy’s party all the time when I’m in the Copper mtn parking lot. I never knew Eddie had music career. lol… Love Cascadia! The whole segment just flowed so well. Keep up the great work!

  15. Christian says:

    The editing and skiing was great as usual (especially cause it was in my home mountains), but the music really didn’t work for me. I know you guys are constantly experimenting with ways to do your videos, which is great, but just letting you know I didn’t like the songs in this one.

    You guys should use some Tired Eyes music again. Best ski music there is in my opinion.

  16. 6:22 was at crystal im very pissed off!

  17. austin says:

    Mt baker ski area WA opens possibly on the 19th of november, ill be there! also this is the best pow edit i have seen in a while, stevens pass being my home mountain, it makes this all the more badass

  18. Steven says:

    I’ve watched if 3-4 times now and love the entire flow of the piece. In less than 10 minutes, you get a full ski experience that seems more personal and realistic (to the layman) than most ski flicks (or shorts even). Perfect showcase of the WA terrain and how GOOD it can be when the conditions are right. Music was money and captured the vibe in a way. Big ups!

  19. matt says:

    god damn! eric and andy slying as usual! a lot of this was incredibly well edited and filmed! my only complaint was the music, but shit, mad props for you guys experimenting with new stuff! are you guys going to be using any cali p or tierd eyes in the future? mad respect!

    ps. you guys ever thinking of filming in idaho?

  20. Tom says:

    Awesome video from Nimbus, absolutely loved it. The skiing looked amazing and the amount of snow at Alpental was ridiculous. I love all of your videos, they are superbly edited and show what skiing is really about; going out and having a great time, and they always make me jealous, I wish I lived in the the mountains…
    Best of luck guys, can’t wait for the next vid

  21. Rob says:

    Loved loved loved this edit – cant wait for the rest of the episodes. Its starting to be summer down here in New Zealand – but just booked a week in whister in January and watching this makes me want to get there now. As for the music i bloody loved it!

  22. Alex says:

    you guys rock like idk what it is but ive seen tons of pbp movies level 1 and still nothing get me more pumped to ski then you guys its like if all bc skiers were a team you guys are vips the varsity

  23. John says:

    Awesome! I really appreciate the stuff you guys do. It really inspires me and my skiing!

  24. Emil says:

    Is there a way to get your en route episodes on dvd? or in a proper resolution online? As i sell line, k2 and atomic skis everyday. It would be pretty awesome to show future skiers(and myself) these films.

    Greetings from Northern-Norway.

  25. Matt says:

    Once again you’ve made a brilliant edit. Really enjoyed it, such perfect conditions and looking forward to some more! Also, as others have commented, I like the varied choice of music across all your edits. Keep it up!

  26. Rob says:

    Great piece Eric…you and the boys are an inspiration to watch. Thanks for pushing skiing in such a cool direction.

    I dig this En Route piece AND the music!

  27. Ian says:

    Props to the music from Hunting Yeti, that movie as a whole is still a favorite. This edit was just as cool of the rest, its good to see the top riders just having fun as a group of friends and just riding because you enjoy it. Good luck to all of you!

  28. Ashley Sytsma says:

    Everywhere is my jam! Def my favorite webisode! You guys are awesome!

  29. Matt McGinn says:

    You guys rule. Loved watching you shred mountains close to my home town. Inspiring to watch and thoroughly entertaining!! Get Fujas and Benchetler out to WA with you on the next episode. Bravissimo!

  30. Push says:

    You know the snow is gonna be EPIC when Fleetwood Mac get’s involved. Great footage, soooooooooooo much snow! Bitchin video boys. Rockin tunes as well.

  31. John S says:

    Great work Eric! I’ve watched tons of ski of edits and movies, and Nimbus’ edits leave me inspired at the end of the day. TGR and all the other big name company’s films are great, but they don’t connect to the viewer as much as Cascadia and the other episodes do. Keep up the work and inspiring your viewers!!

  32. Chris O says:

    As a non skier, I was blown away by this video since I hadn’t seen a ski video in years. Since seeing it, I haven’t been able to find one that can touch it. You have me wanting to switch from snowboard to skis, this video kills it. Best soundtrack ever.

  33. Cy Sirmon says:

    Hey Eric or anyone else, my buddy and I are going to Whistler this spring break, we have a few go pros, and a couple other cameras, any cool filming tips?

    • Eric says:

      Nice! Good timing. Whistler is amazing at the moment. I recommend shooting other people, what I mean to say is, not only POV shots. Get close and use the fish eye to shoot each other. The closer the better. The shots may be over exposed, but you can fix it later in an editing program like final cut. Enjoy!

  34. Cy Sirmon says:

    Thanks! and I forgot to mention I will be rocking the opus’s, I watched you on them and finally could not resist. Thanks again!

  35. Alex says:

    Make’s me grin seeing you guys shred Alpental the way it should be. I’m jealous you guys got to rip while I was stuck in the classroom. May your winter be filled with cold fluff from the skies, and plenty of empty chair lifts.


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