Nomads Intro


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  1. mark says:

    You guys are really killing it. I hope you will upload some of this year’s footage as soon as possible cause otherwise it is going to be a looooooong summer.

    Cheers, Mark

  2. James says:


    You guys are the best- really wouldn’t be into skiing without the style of this movement and the vision of the legendary Eric Pollard. The emphasis on simplicity and flow is brilliant… Gets me stoked on all aspects of life- travel, video, photography, and skiing of course.

    Just wish you could make more videos! – but I’m sure money is, as it always seems to be, an inhibitor. Just keep charging, know you are making a difference! Thanks for your creative explosions and excitement for living.

    Hoping to see some more fatty Eric Pollard-esc step-down 180’s soon….

  3. isabell says:

    could you please tell me whats the name of the song in the intro? thanks

  4. Brenton says:

    Great lines, great music, good times! Thanks so much for sharing your talents, you guys are really an inspiration. I’m a huge fan of your styles. You really show such a great balance of professionalism and just keeping it real. Keep it up Nimbus!

  5. Lyn says:

    For all of us stuck in the heat, either summer or just where it doesn’t snow, you guys are our saving grace. Keep up the amazing work!

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