Zillertal 2011


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  1. Mike Baron says:


    As a Rochesterian, I love that you cut this to a Foreigner tune. Lou stills lives in Rochester, too. In fact, a buddy of mine is good friends with him.

    Also, wanted to tell you that I had a chance to put my Bacons through the paces this past week at Smugglers Notch in VT. First day was a bit icy; second, we got two inches; third, 10 inches—which they absolutely ruled in. And, my seven year old hit me up for a pair of your poles! You’ve got some young fans. Keep up the good work.


  2. Rich Marks says:

    Keeps me glued to the screen just like you always do. Keep it up, you’ve got some loyal fans out here! Love rockin to the classics!

  3. mehrens says:

    some of the best first-hand (gopro) footage of cliff drops ever. nicely done

  4. David Michalove says:

    Dear Nimbus,
    First it be that this edit is sweet by every definition of it. I have watched En Route Approach a crazy amount of times. I watch some part of it, or other edits of which yall have produced at least once a week. For me your skiing is my inspiration in skiing. I absolutely love the style in the artsy and surf! When I ski big mountain and BC I try to as well, but not that good at making it that artsy yet. Your crew of skiers are my favorite skiers, it would be crazy sweet to ski with you guys one day. I have always really enjoyed the music you use for the edits, im marbled by how you find so many greats songs that fit the skiing so well. I was wondering if you have any artist that you use and other music that you could give me the names off, or just music that you like? Im trying to add more music into my quiver and I find the music you use to be so damn sweet for your edits.

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